Experience of use Clean Forte

Experience in using Clean Forte by Maria di Taraz

My husband and I love to travel, we especially like the countries of the South Asian region. In recent years we have visited China, Laos, Vietnam. And in the latter an unpleasant incident happened to us. We do not like official routes, "elegant", restaurants like in the photos and other fruits of civilization. The true spirit of the country lives in its small and noisy streets, with a bunch of restaurants where food is prepared almost on the street. At a wonderful time, we wholeheartedly tried the local cuisine, and after a couple of weeks we both started having intestinal problems, my husband had a rash and my temperature went up.

Experience with Clean Forte

As we learned from Clean Forte

We were very scared, it didn't feel like an infection (in the years of traveling with us, it didn't happen, but it hasn't happened yet). We were incredibly lucky, our friends shared their meds with us, including the drops of Clean Forte. They explained how to use it, they said you have to drink twice a day, before meals, for at least 10 days. We weren't lazy, we looked at the reviews, we were surprised at the large number of positive comments. And they started taking the drug.

Parasites caught while traveling

The second day of application my stomach ached and I ran to the bathroom. What I saw shocked me. Worms came out of me. I have never felt such horror. My husband was not in pain, but parasites also came out. We hardly slept that night. However, on the fourth day we already felt very good.


Our experience with Clean Forte was positive, we recovered quickly. Upon returning home, they were tested, everything is clean. But since then we have so casually sworn to try unfamiliar foods and to always keep these magical drops with us. He is calmer with them.