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Clean Forte - effective drops in Portugal for helminthiasis of any origin, equally suitable for adults and children.

How to order Clean Forte drops in Portugal

Clean Forte drops can only be ordered in Portugal on the official website by completing the order form, where you just need to enter your name and telephone number. Payment is made upon receipt of the drug. There is now a 50% discount and the price of a single drug is only 39 €

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Doctor parasitologist Martim Mathaus Doctor Martim Mathaus
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The problem of helminth infection is still very acute, and the search for ways to solve it does not stop. Clean Forte is a unique development based on extracts of medicinal plants, which have not only an anthelmintic effect, but also a general strengthening. The natural ingredients act with delicacy and attention, without causing discomfort to the already affected organism. Safety for children is another advantage of the drug. Today, in Portugal, Clean Forte drops are one of the best means of fighting parasites and preventing helminthiasis.
Clean Forte kills all parasites

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, every year about one third of the world's population is infected with helminths: tapeworms and flatworms or roundworms. Parasites infect human organs, while the first days of helminthiasis do not manifest themselves. After the detection of the disease, treatment with anthelmintic agents is prescribed. One of the most successful is the drug Clean Forte and now Portugal has access to it. Thanks to its delicate composition, it is suitable for both adults and children.

Remedy against worms Clean Forte: on the product

Clean Forte is a viscous liquid with a herbal scent. The drops have a sweetish taste, so children do not refuse to take it. The drug is available in dark glass ampoules and in a cardboard box. The set includes detailed instructions. It is not a drug or a dietary supplement. The only official contraindication to the drops is individual intolerance to the components.

Clean Forte Action Drops

There are many types of helminthiasis caused by various pathogens. The most common diseases are presented in the table:

Types of helminthiasis Illness causal agent Transfer method
Contact heterobiasis pinworms From sick to healthy
Hymenolepiasis Dwarf tapeworm
Geoelminthiasis ascaridiasis nematodes Through the soil, unwashed fruit / vegetables / berries, untreated water
trichocephalosis Vlasoglava
Biohelminthiasis cestodosis Bovine / porcine tapeworm Through animals, birds, fish, insects
trichinosis Trichinella

Clean Forte is a versatile tool capable of fighting all types of parasites. The anthelmintic effect of the drops is due to the complex of active substances that make up the raw materials. The components of the composition directly affect helminths, killing or immobilizing them, as well as destroying their nutrient medium and have a destructive effect on eggs. Within 3-5 days after administration, treatment results will appear:

Benefits of Clean Forte Anthelmintic

Clean Forte for the whole family

Clean Forte drops have a number of advantages over more toxic drugs:

Research and clinical studies Clean Forte

The anti-parasite drug Clean Forte was developed by a group of scientists and doctors in Portugal. Numerous clinical studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of the drops for people with different types of helminths. Final tests showed that 100% of sufferers got rid of the parasites completely. Further clinical trials were conducted at the New York Institute of Oncology (USA) and the Frankfurt Cancer Center (Germany).

Composition of the preparation Clean Forte

Clean Forte drops are made on the basis of medicinal plants, known since ancient times as effective agents against parasites.

How to buy Clean Forte in Portugal

In Portugal, Clean Forte parasite drops can be purchased on the official website. To order the drug, you need to fill out the form - indicate your name and phone number and wait for the manager to call back to clarify the order details. Now there is a preferential promotion: a 50% discount, so the price of the drops is 39 € - view price in another country. Payment is made only after receipt. You can order the anthelmintic agent Clean Forte in other cities.

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